ANDREA DASHA REICH (b. 1946, Czech Republic)      


            Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. 1966

Selected Exhibitions ⎜ Solo Shows:

2017    Alfstad& Contemporary, Sarasota, FL

            Art Center Sarasota, Sarasota, FL

2016    Alfstad& Contemporary, Sarasota, FL

            Onessimo Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL

2015    Syd Entel Gallery, Safety Harbor, FL

2014    Etra Gallery, Miami, FL

2012    Art Expo + SOLO, Miami, FL

            Etra Gallery, Miami, FL

            Establishment Gallery, NYC

2010    Pismo Gallery, Aspen, CO

2009    Etra Fine Art, Miami, FL

            Pismo Gallery, Aspen, Co

            Establishment, New York, NYC

2008    Pismo Gallery, Aspen, CO

            Etra Fine Art, Miami, FL

2007    Pismo Gallery, Aspen, CO

            Etra Fine Art, Miami, Fl

2005    Pismo Gallery, Aspen, CO

            Longboat Key Art Center, Longboat Key, FL

2004    Pismo Gallery, Aspen, Co

2003    Pismo Gallery, Beaver Creek, Co

            At the Loft Gallery, Omaha, NE

2002    Pismo Gallery, Beaver Creek, CO

            Grohe  Signature Gallery, Boston, MA

            Free-Form Art Gallery, Sarasota, FL

2001    Pismo Gallery, Denver, CO

1999    Atmosphere Gallery, Soho, New York, NY

1998    Atmosphere Gallery, Soho, New York, NY


Group Exhibitions:

• Onessimo Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL

• “A beautiful earth” Republic Plaza, Denver, CO

• MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA

• Establishment, New York, NYC

• Zimmer Museum, Las Angeles, CA

• Armory Arte, Perugia, Italy

• Crossroads Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

• Sarasota Art Center, Sarasota, FL

• Whistler Village Art Gallery, Whistler, BC, Canada

• Artist Helping Artist, Fulton-Ross Foundations, Sarasota, FL

• Gale Martin Gallery (formerly Atmosphere Gallery) New York, NY

• Woman Artist, David Uhl Gallery, Denver, CO

• State Of the Art Gallery, Sarasota, FL

• Etra Fine Art, Miami, FL


Works Represented by:

• Alfstad& Contemporary, Sarasota, FL

• Etra Fine Art, Miami, FL

• HW Gallery, Naples, FL

• Peters Studio Germany, Paderborn, Germany

• State Of The Arts, Sarasota, FL

• Syd Entel Gallery, Safety Harbor, FL


Selected Collections:


• René-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet; Grimaldi Family of Monaco

• Larry Silverstein, co-owner of The World Trade Center

• Lord & Lady Halpern of England

• Mr. & Mrs. Tien of Beverly Hills

• Pat & Trish Porter, US Olympic Gold Medalists



• Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America and USA

• GFT Corporate Headquarters, USA

• Ardent Capital, Israel; Antheus Capital, USA.


“Reich’s vision is so multi-layered and multi-valent. The beholder’s eye doesn’t look at a work of Reich as much as it travels through and territorializes her fine-tuned, orchestrated efforts. One doesn’t envisage optical phenomenon such as color, texture, and light as much as we encounter these aspects and facets of our experience as we sojourn in and through Reich’s works. Finally, it is nearly impossible to convey the luminous immateriality that makes itself evident in the artist’s work without referring to thresholds and liminal space, that in-betweeness of things, that sensation that comes from a space of otherness, a mental space sequestered from normative conditions of sight and insight.”

- Dominique Nahas / independent curator and critic based in New York City