Andrea Dasha Reich in her studio in Sarasota, Florida, showing her artwork, talking about her resin techniques and preparing for her upcoming show, "Flying Colors," at Alfstad& Contemporary.

Andrea Dasha Reich: Alfstad & Contemporary opens Andrea Dasha Reich, Marsha Owett, and Barry Jennings | April 7, 2017, Sarasota, FL. (featured at the 1:28 mark)

Explore the artists artworks through the eyes of a viewer at "The Crossroad" A Solo Exhibition by Andrea Dasha Reich, hosted by Etra Fine Art Gallery in Miami FL.

Andrea Dasha Reich explains her artwork in an interview at Syd Entel Galleries, Safety Harbor, FL. with Charley Belcher of FOX 13's show Charley's World. 

April 7, 2017--Alfstad & Contemporary opens 3 solo exhibitions simultaneously: Andrea Dasha reich: Off the Wall; Marsha Owett: Fifty Shades of Red; and Barry Jennings: Sarasota Myseries.

Learn about the process of Reich's artworks as she walks you through a phase-by-phase video of the building of the artwork "Tess's Paradise" 2012 - 48" x 120".

Fox 13: Charley's World interviews Andrea Dasha Reich in her amazing art studio as she prepares for an exhibition at Alfstad& Contemporary - March, 2016.