Fusion Series

About the Fusion Series

The Fusion Series is an organic exploration of Reich’s former paintings that have evolved into a new and exciting body of work, further defining the prolific nature of this artist. Inspiration drawn from the organic shapes, innate beauty, and magnificent power found in the elements of nature, helped Reich cultivate this new collection. Dedicated in staying true to her signature style, she has taken the DNA of her previous work and transformed it into something fresh, expressive and equally beautiful. The multiple layers are still evident along with the kaleidoscope of bold colors and expressive shapes – all magnified and enhanced by the use of a mixed media of paint, resin and resin pieces. The definition of fusion is “the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity” – this description encompasses the very nature of this body of work. Reich uses her internal compass to guide her through the next phase of what she feels is ready to be released and expressed onto the canvas before her. The pioneer is ever present and ready to create.

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